The outcome of the combats during the past 24 hours in Afrin on its 41th day

Despite the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which obligates all parties to stop hostilities, the Turkish state continues to violate international resolutions and targets our people in Afrin with various types of weapons and air raids, which expose our people to a systematic annihilation. Therefore, our forces are confined to self-defense in case of any attacks in Afrin.

1- Jinderes: since couple of days ago, the Turkish occupation army and the terrorist factions (ISIS-Al-Nusra) have been trying to make advances in Jinderes axis, using different types of weapon. Ramadiyah and Hemelka villages were targets for the Turkish indiscriminate shelling since yesterday, causing damages for civilian homes.

2- Mabatah: the Turkish invasion army keeps shelling randomly the villages in this axis. The bombardment was concentrated on Mirkhan village, where 1 civilian martyred and 3 wounded.
During last night hours, the Turkish jets carried out airstrikes on Ba’dina village which lasted until the midnight, which expanded later to the villages of the frontlines.

3- Raju: Fierce clashes broke out between our forces and the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions (ISIS-Al-Nusra) since the early hours of the morning in Jingeh village. The clashes are ongoing until writing this report.
Also the Turkish warplanes directly bombed the civilians Haj Khalil village, killing martyrs and wounded. The air strikes expanded later to Hobika village.
Spontaneous with the airstrikes, the terrorist invaders tried to move towards Balilka village this morning, accordingly our forces replled to the invaders, where the engagements are ongoing until writing this report.
The clashes continued to include both Balilka and Jelah villages, where the clashes coincided with the Turkish hivercraft raids. Our fighters were able to hit one one of the helicopters of Cobra type with out shooting it down, forcing the helicopters to withdraw.
In Ali Beska village, our fighters could damage an APC for the Turkish army.

4- Belbeleh: in Bakjeh village, the clashes are ongoing until writing this report, where the Turkish soldiers tried in vain to make advances towards the village.

5- Shiyeh: since the early hours of this morning, the Turkish jets have bombed Aranda village until writing this report.

1 March 2018

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