HomemanshetThe outcome of the combats during the past 24 hours in Afrin on its 42th day

The outcome of the combats during the past 24 hours in Afrin on its 42th day

Despite the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which obligates all parties to stop hostilities, the Turkish state continues to violate international resolutions and targets our people in Afrin with various types of weapons and air raids, which expose our people to a systematic annihilation. Therefore, our forces are confined to self-defense in case of any attacks in Afrin.

1Afrin/city center: the Turkish invasion army and its affiliated terrorist factions (ISIS-AL-NUSRA) continue their brutal practices against the civilians, where Maydanki village was exposed to indiscriminate artillery shelling yesterday, which led to civilian casualties including women and children. The artillery shelling is still ongoing on the villages and populated areas.

2Raju: The Turkish invasion army and its allied terrorist factions (ISIS/Al-Nusra) tried to make advances towards in this axis, where our fighters were able to destroy a Turkish military vehicle in Gewandeh village last night and killed everybody inside.

Spontaneously, our fighters destroyed another vehicle for the enemy which was trying to progress towards Ali Beska village, and killed everybody inside the vehicle.  Also the Turkish occupation army tried to make advances towards Maseka village, however, our forces repelled their attacks, accordingly, heavy clashes broke out until writing this report.

Yesterday, The Turkish jets conducted several airstrikes on Balilka village, coincided with the outbreak of heavy clashes between our forces and the Turkish invasion army which is using its police private forces (JOH-POH), where the Turkish media have provoked a campaign calling for this forces, but the Turks were disappointed because these forces were trapped in SDF’s ambush and suffered heavy losses, forcing the Turkish army to bring the hovercrafts to move the wounded and evacuate the others from the battlefield. Our forces targeted one of this hovercrafts which fall in the Turkish land. During  yesterday’s battles in Balilka village between our forces and the Turkish special forces, dozens of these private forces were killed and wounded, where the Turkish media admitted part of the losses while trying to hide the real number. The Turkish artillery shelling still continue against the populated areas.

3Sharra: for the third day in a row, the Turkish occupation army and its Jihadist factions have been shelling indiscriminately Omera village in order to make advances in the village, however, our forces are repelling these attacks. Our forces destroyed a Turkish military vehicle yesterday and killed all of the soldiers inside.

The Turkish jets raided on a point for the national units of the Syrian army causing martyrs and wounded.

4Jinderes: the invaders tried to advance towards Bafloun village. Our forces engaged with the invaders until yesterday’s midnight. The preliminary reports refer to the death of 26 terrorists including Turkish soldiers, while the invaders re-attacked the village this morning, which accordingly our forces repelled them , causing many casualties within the ranks of the invaders.

Helmeka village also was a target for the Turkish raids and artillery shelling.

5Shiyeh/Shaik Hadid: this axis was a target for the Turkish artillery, which caused damages for civilian properties. The shelling is still ongoing until writing this report.

6- Mabatah: all of the villages in this axis were targets for the Turkish indiscriminate shelling since yesterday until writing this report, where our forces observed movements for the Turkish soldiers in Demliya village and engaged with them, and pushing them back. The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions re-attacked Demliya and Ba’dina villages in this morning, accordingly, our forces repelled the attacks, where heavy clashes still ongoing until writing this report.

Kakhrah village was a target for the Turkish indiscriminate shelling yesterday causing civilian casualties.



2 March 2018

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