The people of Raqqa gather in one tent to donate to their families in Afrin

The Office of Relations in  Raqqa erected a symbolic tent under the slogan “Donate to our brothers and wounded in Afrin” to receive donations to the people of Afrin in several areas of the city (Hamra and Karama).

A number of leaders and dignitaries of the tribes expressed words of solidarity with Afrin, including the spokesman of Relations Office and Tribes in Raqqa Sheikh Mohammed Nur, where he said: from Raqqa salute our steadfast people in Afrin, and we stand here to respond a fraction of the religion of our brothers in Afrin on us, What the people of Afrin offered for the liberation of Raqqa, they sacrificed their sons and daughters for us.

Ghalia Djouar also delivered a speech on behalf of the Civil Council of Raqqa and said: “I salute the resistance of the times in Afrin. We here in Raqqa city offer all we can to support our brothers in Afrin. We condemn the Ottoman aggression on this beautiful city of brotherhood and love.

Djouar added :”We in the Syrian north are witnessing a revolution of freedom and democracy and we will not allow this tyrant to extinguish the Noruz flame and the fair revolution. We send a message to the UN Security Council and the human rights organization to show a serious and firm stance on the violations in Afrin.

The Ottomans have occupied our land for 400 years and this occupation will not be repeated for even one minute. Blood is still flowing in our veins. All the blood of the Syrian people has been mixed up to liberate their country and their cause will remain unsettled,” he said. First and last until it is liberated and defeat terrorism in all its forms”.

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