The People’s House in the district of Mashlab is continuing to do their duty without fail

Within the framework of the local councils in Raqqa and the services provided to the citizens, the People’s House in Al-Mashlab neighborhood continues to run the affairs of the residents of the neighborhood and provide services to them and provide assistance in various fields and at all levels.

In an interview with the joint president of the People’s House in the district of Mashlab Muhammad al-Shibli said: they continue to provide services and running the affairs of the people of the neighborhood of Mashbal, and provide all the lack of them and provide material and moral assistance to them as much as possible

Al-Shibli added: “We at the People’s House in al-Mashlab district provided all the services to the people of the neighborhood despite the simple possibilities. We met with the organizations working in Raqqa and provided them with schedules of the families of the People’s House so that the families will be distributed relief aid and clothes to the children  next days and of course we will not stop at this point and will continue to provide support to the people of the neighborhood.

Al-Shibli said: “We have provided all the facilities by running the affairs and requests of the people and the services that result from us in the various fields of distribution of water, bread and hygiene in coordination with the Civil Council and the People’s Council in Raqqa, relief committees and working organizations.

At the end of his speech, Shibli appealed to the international community and the humanitarian organizations working in Raqqa to provide more support to Raqqa people, who suffered the scourge of war and displacement.

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