The results of the military operations in Afrin and its countryside within the past 24 hours

Despite the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which obligates all parties to stop hostilities, the Turkish state continues to violate the international resolution and targets our people in Afrin with different types of weapons and airstrikes, which expose our people to a systematic annihilation. Therefore, our forces are confined to self- defense in case of any attacks on Afrin.
1-Afrin city: the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions are still bombarding randomly the city center of Afrin, using artillery and airstrikes. This bombardment caused many civilian victims including women and children, where the bombardment is still ongoing until writing this report.
On the same axis of the city, Tel Tawil and Jomki villages which are adjacent to Ashrafiyah neighborhood were targets of the Turkish random shelling.
2-Sherawa: yesterday, there were clashes in the villages of Shadera and Ghazawiya, where out fighters confirmed the killing of 14 terrorists during yesterday’s afternoon clashes.
3-Sharra: there were fierce clashes between our forces and the invaders in Maydanki village, where the clashes are still ongoing until writing this report.
Yesterday, our forces completely destroyed a military vehicle for the Turkish army and killed everybody inside. Additionally, there were heavy clashes this morning between our forces and the invaders, were there were heavy casualties within the ranks of the invaders.

4-Raju: Our forces clashed with the Turkish invasion army and the terrorist factions in the vicinity of Korka village, where our forces targeted a military mechanism of the Turkish invasion army and was completely destroyed and killed 9 terrorists.

While the villages of Jubana and Zirka, the most violent clashes since yesterday and continues until the moment of preparation of this report.

Also in another axis of the village of Korka, our forces destroyed a motorcycle and killed two terrorists.

5-Afrin: Hundreds of artillery shells fall daily on the city center and dozens of civilian wounded casualties


SDF Media Center
15 March 2018

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