HomemanshetThe statistics of the military operations since the start of the Turkish aggression on Afrin on 20-Jan-2018

The statistics of the military operations since the start of the Turkish aggression on Afrin on 20-Jan-2018

Despite the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which obligates all parties to stop hostilities, the Turkish state continues to violate the international resolution and targets our people in Afrin with deferent types of weapons and airstrikes, which expose our people to a systematic annihilation. Therefore, our forces are confined to self- defense in case of any attacks on Afrin. The following are the statistics of this invasion since 20-Jan-2018 until 7-March-2018:


(A)-fighter martyrs: 283 of our fighters got martyred during direct engagements and heroic resistance against the terrorist invaders, where all of the martyrs have been solemnly and officially buried.

(B)- Civilian Victims (martyrs and wounded): according to the official statistics of the health authorities, 165 civilians got martyred including 28 women and 32children during the Turkish airstrikes and artillery shelling. Also, 650 civilians got injured including 93 women and 87 children.

2Enemy’s death and wound tolls: during the engagements and the special military operations carried out by our forces against the invaders, 1588 of the terrorist factions and Turkish soldiers were killed. 1588 corpses were confirmed by our fighters in the battlefields.

3Air attacks: the Turkish occupation army carried out 1026 indiscriminate airstrikes against the populated areas, the infrastructure, schools and farms.

4Hovercraft attacks: the Turkish invasion army carried out 56 raids via its hovercrafts against populated areas.

5artillery shelling: the Turkish army carried out 3307 random artillery shelling.

6Direct engagements: our forces engaged 643 times with the enemy, where the result of these engagements was known. While our forces engaged 176 times with the enemy where the results were unknown.

7aircraft shooting down: since the start of the Turkish invasion, our forces shot down 2 helicopters killing 11 Turkish soldiers inside, including officials.

Also, our forces dropped 2 ISRs of Bairkdar brand for the Turkish army. (the one which was signed by Erdogan)

Also, our fighters targeted a helicopter causing damages to it.

8Armored destruction: our forces destroyed 96 armored vehicles for the Turkish invasion army and the terrorist factions, including tanks and armored. Moreover, our forces damaged 32vehicles including tanks.

SDF Media Center

7 March 2018

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