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The UN Security Council unanimously adopted its resolution 2401 at its meeting on Saturday, February 24th 2018, on the basis of a draft submitted by the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Sweden, which explicitly provided for the cessation of all combat operations by all parties on all Syrian territory for at least one month.

The Turkish state and its allied extremist factions strike the international will and UN Security Council resolution, they are brutally continuing their aggression by directly bombing the civilian populated city of Afrin and its towns and villages, and bombarding vital facilities, including drinking water stations and pumps.

Our forces in Afrin welcomed the UN Security Council resolution and declared its full commitment on February 25th through an official statement and confirmed that its combat operations would be confined to self-defense only against any attack.

We call upon the UN Security Council to abide its decision, take its responsibility and apply a monitoring mechanism for the violations of the Turkish state and its allied extremist factions and force them to stop their invasion and subject them to the UN Security Council resolution.

The claims made by the Turkish state that Afrin is not included by the international resolution is only an attempt to turn the truth that Afrin is part of the Syrian territory. This clearly reveals the Turkish ambitions to cut off parts of the Syrian territory in a colonial operation under fake claims and futile pretext.

Spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces

Kino Gabriel

Thursday, March 01, 2018


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