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A poetry symposium in Ein Issa camp

In coordination with the Department of Ein Issa camp, Pel organization organized a poetry symposium to revive the heritage and introduce the poets inside the camp.

The seminar was attended by the joint presidency of Ein Issa camp, humanitarian organizations, a number of residents and intellectuals of the camp and a group of Syrian and Iraqi poets.

The symposium started with a speech by Jalal Ayaf, the joint president of the camp, who thanked the organization but for its entertainment projects and educational courses for the displaced. He welcomed all the guests and stressed that this seminar is a demonstration of the brotherhood of the people inside the camp and reviving the  heritage and Nabataean poetry.

He thanked Huthaifah al-Haram, the coordinator of the organization and the camp administration and humanitarian organizations for their support to carry out these projects to get closer to the people of the camp and to entertain them and try to rid them of the memories of the scourge of war they suffered during the reign of terror calling on their regions.

The seminar included paragraphs of poetry and poems about the nostalgia for the homeland and parents and neighbors and the poetry of the people who helped poets and compensated for their family.

Among the poets who gave poetic poems poet Abdel Salam Alaw, Abu Wissam al-Iraqi and Ahmad al-Ali and other poets.

The symposium concluded by thanking the poets who contributed to holding this symposium.

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