A spot light about the life of a fighter

The mines left behind by Daesh in Raqqa city continue to kill the civilians and others have been injured, and those civilians are living in a  horror.

One of the mines victims was the fighter Mohnd Raqqa who resist and challenge the death, tells us what happend through his participate in the battles against Daesh where said :

” I didn,t accept the cruelty against civilian in Raqqa ,so I decided to joined Syrian Democratic Forces and liberate my city (Raqqa)from terrorism,then participated Raqqa liberation campaign.

At Romela region where Daesh sneaks in at night . I went with three fighters to saw the region at night and during the sneak amine exploded puted newly by Daesh, After that incident, one of my legs was lost and I was seriously injured in my hands and leg and one of my comrades was wounded by shrapnel. The third one was martyred.

When my family returned to the house after the liberation of SDF, Daesh completely mined our house, and my brother 10-year-old was injured and his legs were amputated because of mines.

I become better after the  material , moral aid and treatment by SDF,and now I am in the wounded house to continue my treatment.

 I hope to stand on my feet as in the past until I go back and fight every terrorist who attacks our land and achieve with my fellow fighters the victory that our people are waiting for to live in peace and security “.

SDF. Media Center

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