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A women’s seminar to discuss the political situation in Hasakah

Under the patronage of Women’s House and Star Conference in Hasakah, a seminar was held to discuss the political situation in general and Afrin city in particular, as well as to support and maximize the mothers and wives of Shahid.

The symposium was held in the presence of parents and representatives of the management of the city of Hasakah and all administrative bodies and institutions. The meeting started by observing a minute of silence in the hearts of the dead and welcoming the guests..

The seminar was chaired by Nujine Mohammed, who is responsible for the Star Conference, which blessed the presence of the achievements of Syria’s democratic forces in all military and civilian fields, which it achieved under the difficult circumstances and the woes of war in the region.

Mohammed stressed that we are currently living a sensitive and important period that reflects our transition from a dictatorial regime to a democratic system where the brotherhood of peoples and the freedom of women.

She pointed out that, as everyone knows and limited possibilities, we have managed to defeat the largest and most dangerous terrorist organization known in history as a preacher, and pointed out that the city of Afrin and its people are now suffering from the worst forms of oppression, oppression, theft, racial discrimination and change in the demography of the earth. We will liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation, Just as we liberated Ras Al Ain and Kubani before it.

During the symposium, the mothers of the shahids and their wives, whose sacrifices they made for the sake of freedom and brotherhood of the people, lost their heads and a piece of their lives. These losses deserve all respect and appreciation.

The symposium ended with cheers that salute and glorify the mothers of the shahid the people of Afrin and the mothers of the revolutionaries.

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