enforcement on the heavy weapon at the Academy of shahed Lund Qamishlo

Shahid Lund Qamishlo Academy in Al-Shaddadi presented applications for heavy weapons within the course of Afrin shahids, which included 75 trainees and lasted 60 days.

The final offer was made by the trainees in groups specialized in heavy weapons such as tanks, Dushka, Shilka, mortar and other weapons in order to ensure their ability to use them and to verify the educational process they received at the academy.

Shilan Kobani, a trainer at the academy said:”In addition to giving the traineers political and ideological lessons and lectures, we trained them on all light, medium and heavy weapons. Today, they are implementing the final application for their graduation. Today’s trainees have proven their ability and skill to use the weapons and the machines they have been taught.

The trainee Zilan Shadadi confirmed that she benefited greatly from joining the Academy, and that she was able to learn to use other weapons that were not previously trained, and indicated that she will contribute her experience in editing any place in the north of Syria.

the trainee Judy Hasaka added, who described his ability to lead the tank achievement, and stated that today and in the final show we proved that we are able to liberate Afrin when asked to do so.

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