Celebration of the children of martyrs in Hasaka

Self-management continues with its democratic approach and its progressive thinking in all fields. did not overlook the children of the martyrs who lost their fathers who sacrificed their lives for the homeland.

Under the sponsorship of the Syrian Democratic Council, the 3-4 th Al-Khabour Center for Culture and Democratic Art held a ceremony entitled “Our Sons of the Future”, with the participation of the families and children of the martyrs who were part of the performances.

The celebration started with welcoming the visiting guests and standing a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs, followed by the children of the martyrs and their other accomplices, singing performances in the Nurouz song for the revolutionary songs, in addition to dancing performances by the Martyr Aziz and the martyr Borgam, followed by a special song from the martyrs’ In children’s clothing, folklore and great interaction by parents and attendees.

Rasha Abdi, Director of the Center, said that they made this celebration to bring joy to the hearts of the children of the martyrs and their families. She expressed her pleasure at seeing the families of martyrs watching the work of their children with pride and greeting the children of Afrin who suffer from the horrors of the occupation.

Roudia Ali, the daughter of the martyr Mohammed Ali: I am very pleased with the offers that I and my friends have made, and I will share with them other offers.

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