First anniversary of liberation of Tishreen town

Tishreen town is located in the north-western corner of Raqqa city, about 30 km from the city

The majority of its inhabitants work in agriculture and commerce. It is a link between the countryside and the city in terms of the distribution of goods. Its population is 7000 people and its land area is 25,000 dunums.

Daesh controlled it about four years and started their cruelty politics against the civilian,when SDF liberate Tishreen town the civilians were emigrated for short time until cleaning the farm from mines, liberation of it take two days.

Ibrahim Al-Bosh Joint Presidency of the People’s House in Tshreen town  referred that a great change happened in the town , Including the change of treatment of people to some of them and took their freedom of speech and women leave alone without fear or concern because they were prisoners in the homes, and returned all components mixed with each other and returned co-existence.

Al-Bosh confirmed that this year all the features of the village have changed and all the means of living, communication and transportation have been made available. The commercial movement has been active and the change has become clear through the comfort of the civilians. Three schools have been opened in the village as well as the Women’s House and the Academy of Democratic Society. In addition to activating spaciousness.


SDF. Media center

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