Forum Political and cultural forces and tribal leaders in northern Syria

 Within the framework of the unity of the people and the Syrian territories, the self-management organized a meeting today in Hasakah province to discuss the current political situation in Syria in general and Afrin in particular. The meeting was attended by a number of tribal sheikhs in the north of Syria and representatives of civil institutions as well as political parties in the region.

The meeting began with a minute of silence on the souls of shaheds and then welcomed Hussein Azzam on behalf of self-management in the territory of Jazzera and delivered a speech to the public began to welcome their presence:

 ” Your presence from all parts of the Syrian north is indicative of the unity of the Syrian people and the awareness we have reached at this sensitive stage in Syria.

And what happened in Afrin has had a great impact on all honorable Syrians, has been subjected to a major foreign and regional plot has been the Russian treachery that we have been subjected to, as it gave up its position to protect its interests associated with the Turkish regime,

And the map that you want to draw in Syria through the barter between Afrin and Ghouta, and on the other the desire of the Turkish regime to restore the glory of the Ottomans and put an end to the democratic project that we built in Syria so as not to move this project in the future.

`Fawza Al Yousef, Joint Chairman of the Executive of the Northern Syrian Federation, delivered a welcoming speech in which she thanked the Administration for organizing the Forum.

On behalf of you I salute the resistance of Afrin, and stand in tribute and respect to the martyrs of the Syrian democratic forces who are sacrificing their lives to protect their land and homeland.

The Turkish state, in cooperation with the terrorist factions supported by it in Syria, began to launch barbaric attacks on Afrin province, using its most powerful weapons and armies in order to divide Syria and thwart the democratic solution proposed by us to resolve the Syrian crisis.

 And to restore the Ottoman glories and enslavement of the peoples of the region, and this is evident by the demographic change initiated in Afrin and the imposition of the Turkish character in violation of international covenants and conventions, and international organizations and human rights organizations to stand seriously in front of this occupation and hold those responsible.

 The meeting concluded by discussing the views of the attendees on finding solutions to resolve the Syrian crisis and expelling the Turkish occupation from the whole region.

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