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Meeting of the Economic Commission with the shareholders of economic projects

Within the framework of the process of development and self-sufficiency, the Economic Commission in Hasaka organized a meeting today with the shareholders of the Poultry Farming project to inform them of the current status of the work mechanism and the profit table.

The meeting began by welcoming the participants and observing a minute of silence for the souls of the shaheds followed by explaining to the shareholders about the principle of joint stock companies and the principle of the capitalist system and its damage to the democratic society.

Delbak Dilkhaz, General Supervisor of the cooperatives, delivered a speech in which she stressed the importance of reviving the economic situation and restoring it to the height of its strength. The sound and advanced idea of reviving it is the idea of cooperatives, which is the participation of the people in production, disposal and consumption.

The monthly reports of the poultries were read according to warehouse in terms of profits and expenses. The start in the fifth warehouse which has been completed, was announced and announcing about preparation Special altar for poultry mentioned to increase the percentage of profits.

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