mine victims of terrorism

The Wounded House In Ain Issa,  seeks to provide moral support and help the wounded fighters who have defended their land by taking care of them and providing them with appropriate treatment and care. This care is symbolic of their sacrifices for freedom and peaceful coexistence.

Khaled Basha al-Shibli from Raqqa city  was a bus driver and when the Qazab Al-Furat (Euphrates Wrath) began to liberate his city from Daesh terrorists, he joined the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). During his serving in SDF, he tried with a number of his comrades to break into a terrorist’s den and he became a victim of mines, which were installed by Daesh in the main corridor of the building they had stormed, which led to batchering  his right leg and his left hand was badly injured and paralyzed.

He was transferred to the military hospital in Hasakah for treatment and then transferred to Kobani Hospital. When he recovered, he was transferred to wounded House  in  Ain Issa to entertain him and continue his treatment by specialists.

Al Shibli wishes to defend his homeland for the last drop of his blood and to complete what our shahid have painted for a free and dignified life that includes all ingredients and to save us from terrorism.

SDF. Media Center


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