Raqqa is rehabilitated by rehabilitating its damaged bridges

Raqqa Civil Council is working on rehabilitating the silo bridge in Raqqa city after it was destroyed by Daesh before they exited the city. This bridge is considered the main entrance to Raqqa from the north side of the city.

The Civil Council started today to rehabilitate the silo bridge.

 Ahmed al-Khalil, vice chairman of the local administration and municipalities committee, assured us that, with the support of the Civil Council, we worked on rehabilitating the silo bridge. One of the contractors ordered us to break the collapsed parts of the bridge. Will need a high cost, Currently, after the demolition of the former rubble, it is rehabilitated with the remains of the quarry and other construction materials to activate it as quickly as possible and at a simple cost. Within a month or so, we will have completed this bridge.

Khalil added that they are planning to study the project of rebuilding all the former government buildings and activating them fully and studying the project of rehabilitating the completely destroyed schools as well as the roads, bridges and crossings within the scope of the work of the Civil Council.

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