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Safe Childhood Center helps people with special needs overcome their disabilities

A successful humanitarian step by the” Amal Afdal” organization of the Center for Safe Childhood in Tebqa to integrate people with special needs into society.

The Center for Safe Childhood opened a course for people with special needs on 1/1/2018, joined by 60 children, including 17 deaf and dumb and the rest suffer from visual impairments, mobility and hearing.

Muhannad Ahmed, a member of the “Amal afdal for Tabqa” organization, spoke about the center’s support for children, helping them overcome their disability until they become integrated into society and do not feel hopeless and hopeless with the existence of disability. With the help of trained teachers and specialists to teach and train these children, of greater insistence on life and learning.

He Confirmed that children learn to read and write within the kindergarten and literacy program for those who miss school, and develop the talents of children in the center by training them in new skills that suit their situation and help them to rely on themselves.

Ahmed pointed out that there is a team of “Gul” in the center provides psychological support for children in the schools of Tabqa and countryside, where the organization of performances and entertainment for children to provide feelings of joy and pleasure to children and relieve the psychological pressure that they were suffering in the past.

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