Syrian regime forces tackle the war on terrorism

During the time that Syria Democratic Forces – SDF started its preparations to continue Jazeere Storm operation that aims to liberate the areas left from Jazeere under ISIS control and securing Syria’s Eastern borders, the Syrian regime army along with its militias started to attack our forces in Der Alzor countryside along the Euphrates river in order to block the lunch of our operation against terrorism.
Since yesterday evening till now, the Syrian regime forces, militias and allies are targeting our forces points along the contact lines and trying to advance towards the already liberated villages. Our forces are continue to respond to the source of fire for self defense.
We, at the Syria Democratic Forces – SDF reaffirm our commitment and determination to pull off terrorism of its roots, we also affirm our right of self defense, we consider this aggression and attack by the Syrian regime a support for terrorism and an attempt to block the efforts maid to defeat terrorism.

Kino Gabriel
SDF official spokesman
April 29th, 2018

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