Tabqa city between the past and the present

Historically, Tabqa city considered an attract regoin because of its place on Euphrates river , soil fertility and its activity in agriculture .Historians mentioned that this regoin was the center of economic exchange in the past ,and grouping center of  the crops to be exported throgh the river to Babl country and India. Conquest  Islamic armies intered it in 693AD and it is Manned at now.

Tabqa city far away from Raqqa about 55km and from Aleppo about 180km eastly , It rises 328m from the sea level And considred the most important city at the north syria.

Tabqa city was a small village on the right bank of the Euphrates River, and with the construction of the dam and the three new neighborhoods along the lake behind him and the expansion of the old village and its proximity to its neighborhoods has become a modern Tabqa city today.

The population of nearly 240 thousand people before the start of events in Syria to reduce the number later to 85 thousand people as a result of the escape of the population because of the battles witnessed in the city, the diversity of its components is a mini Syria containing all the spectrum of the Syrian society, and the different sects and religions, The people with each other in perfect harmony and distinguished by the familiarity and love between all the spectrum.

Today, Tabqa has returned to its cultural splendor in the light of the development and progress witnessed by the democratic society in the North of Syria amidst development in all aspects of service, social, economic and trade, where the city is witnessing a clear renaissance and a large urban movement accompanied by a qualitative improvement in the level of services provided to the citizens, Plans and projects by the Civil Administration to make the city of the most beautiful cities of the Syrian north.

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