The role of grandchildren in preserving ancestral heritage

In order to preserve the rest of this city, the Tourism and Antiquities Protection Committee was established within the structure of the Civil Council.

The joint chairman of the Tourism and Antiquities Protection Committee, Yasser Al Muhareb, assured us that the decision to establish the committee comes to the great importance that the monuments represent for peoples and nations. It is the heritage of our ancestors and we must protect and preserve it.

Regarding the structure of the committee and the work they carried out, Al Muharab said that the committee includes several sections including:

Archeology Department: It includes exploration offices, archaeological research, museums and maintenance.

Department of Tourism: including the Office of Supervision and Licenses and the Office of the rehabilitation of tourist sites.

Since its establishment, the Committee has:

Cleaning Raqqa Museum of mines and transferring the rest of the artifacts to safe places pending restoration.

Complete studies on the rehabilitation and restoration of Raqqa Museum, the Old City Wall and Raqqa Archaeological Museum.

Communicate and coordinate with the Internal Security Forces to suppress indiscriminate excavation by some persons.

Communicate through the Syrian Democratic Council with international organizations and bodies concerned with the protection of antiquities.

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