The whistle of the game whistling  again in the black stadium in  Raqqa

The Civil Council opened yesterday a football league for the first time in the Raqqa city in the black stadium after the departure of the terrorist organization and urged the city, which was a supporter used as a prison to torture civilians and used all kinds of killing, torture and terrorism.

the opening attended by  the Syria Democratic Council and the Youth of Raqqa and the Internal Security Forces. The event started with a minute of silence for the souls of Shahid  and then a number of words were uttered, including the speech of Elham Ahmed, the joint president of the Syria Democratic Council, in which she said:” After the liberation process for the first time, An important step in the history of the process of reconstruction of Raqqa , and this move does not belong to the city of Raqqa only, but a step of interest to all other areas that have been liberated from Daesh.

The match was between Raqqa team (Internal Security Forces team)  was held in the name of the martyr Idriss Mohammed and the second team of Deir Al-Zour in the name of the martyr Ahmad Al-Hassani. The match ended with Raqqa team victory over Deir Al-Zour who confirmed that he is not the loser today. The two teams won and the victory was the smile on the faces of the people of Raqqa after their absence for years.

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