Works of the Council of shahid Media in Hasakah

Women continue to achieve achievements one after the other under the revolution rights achieved in the north of Syria with its progressive thinking and liberal approach, women now occupy a large part of society, both in terms of civil regulatory, and became nothing less than men, but held the highest administrative positions of the joint presidency.

The Martyr’s Media Council has been opened for about seven months and is educating and organizing women in all aspects Since its inception, the Council has activated 36 women’s Komins in neighborhood councils, where the Council conducts awareness-raising sessions on the role of women in societies, the definition of their rights and limits, and provides other services for women as driving and insurance courses and jobs for them.

Rima Mahmoud Director of the Council said: We coordinate with other forces and institutions to solve many of the problems faced by women such as polygamy, marriage of minors and violence and marital problems, and often the solution by mutual consent and reconciliation is the master of judgments.

We coordinate and hold meetings and seminars with women’s offices in administrative institutions to develop work and plan to strengthen the work done by women in light of our presence and our ability to promote society.

In conclusion, I sent a message to women around the world to defend their rights and not to tolerate those who violate them, to stand up and fight for their freedom and the freedom of women all over the world.

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