A flash about the life of a fighter

The fighter, Fahad Awad al-Sayel, was one of the sons of Raqqa. One day he was driving a taxi until the hours of zero. The Syrian Democratic Forces announced that they had begun their campaigns to clear the Syrian soil of Daesh terror. He joined the SDF and participated in many battles, Ain Issa and Tel-Samman and rural areas of all Raqqa until the battles city center of Raqqa , until that fateful day in the lane of the children at the hospital, where he amputated his legs when he was trying to get the people out of the clashes..

He said: “I was hit several times during the battles I once took in the countryside of Raqqa and once a mine exploded at the children’s hospital when I was trying to take out some of the civilians who were stuck at the point of engagement. To break the road to get the people inside the point of engagement and get out of them, and a wireless detonator exploded and lost consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside Shahida Saria hospital in Hasakah  and my legs are amputated.

“I did not feel sad when I found my leg amputated because I knew very well that this road was dangerous. I realized that one could die or cut off one of the limbs. I did not care. Now I am still wearing the military uniform and raising the flag of SDF. And I am ready to stay in the service of my country as much as I can.

SDF,Media Center


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