A spot light about life of a woman fighter

She was able to reach many of her dreams with perseverance and hard work day and night, and contributed to many successful projects and was an important administrative force, and by joining the military forces increased her determination to achieve Jian Ziywar personal aspiration.

In our meeting with her, she spoke of her ongoing struggle for her freedom and all of women.

Jian Ziywar: I am from Raqqa city and all people have received my share of pain during the control of  Daesh on our land, and displaced with my family to Kubani for fear of Daesh oppression,I was unable to complete my studies of commerce and economics, but I worked in the Finance Bureau of the Internal Security Forces in Kubani, I was appointed to run a self-managed finance office, and I was able to prove myself in the economy of a democratic society. I saw many under the shadow of men who did not have the power. So my goals focused on liberating women by winning their stolen rights and being pioneering and knowing how to make their decisions after long thought.

Jian confirmed”Our revolution is not like the rest of the revolutions, because the Syrian northern revolution is the revolution of a free woman who seeks to prove herself with both science and weapons” .

Jian concluded by greeting every free woman who knows no shame in liberating her country and the oppressed women of the world.

SDF,Media center

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