A spot light about the life of a fighter from Raqqa

Despite the injuries suffered by the fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces in the battles, they are still steadfast in defending their lands and their country and liberating their areas from the abomination of terrorism.

Zakariya Yahya al-Muhammad, a member of the Syrian Democratic Forces from Raqqa city, joined the Syrian Democratic Forces. He received military training at the academy of martyr Faisal Abu Leila. He participated in several battles inside Raqqa city. He participated in the liberation of the Mafraq AL-gazra,AL-Akreshe ,AL-Hadiqa AL-Baydaa region and Sahlat AL-Banat areain Raqqa .

Zakaria tells us of the days of fighting, which are full of moments of sacrifice and decisive decisions.”When we stormed the children’s hospital, a group of 8 fighters surrounded by Daesh, but we held on for 24 hours until we broke the siege and joined the fighters,”

Zakaria added: After liberating of Riqqa city , we completed the march of the struggle and combed AL-Hadiqa AL-Baydaa to make sure it was free of tunnels and mines, but I was hit by a landmine from the remnants of the terrorist organization that caused the intestine to be cut and paralyzed in the right leg and injury to the right hand and ear.

At the end of his speech, he said: “We will continue to fight for the liberation of all our regions from Daesh and we will remain steadfast for the last drop of our blood.

SDF,Media center


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