Ahmad al-Muhammad from a construction worker to fighter

Since the beginning of the liberation campaign in Raqqa city, men emerged from the alleys of the streets of Raqqa, simple workers who never took up arms, but the circumstances and the patriotism and the preservation of their dignity forced them to take up arms and join the protectors of the homeland – SDF – to purify the soil of Raqqa from the abomination of terrorism. States are unable to eliminate it, they are men who sacrificed themselves and their lives in the path of Raqqa purely.

Shahid Ahmad Yahya al-Muhammad is a simple laborer from a simple family suffering from diabetes. He was one of the displaced people of Raqqa in Taba city. He joined Syrian Democratic Forces upon his arrival with his brother Zakaria. He turned from a simple construction worker to a commando fighter  after  receiving military training at the academy of the shahed  Faisal Abu Laila on all light and medium weapons, and participated in the battles of the villages of Akirishi and Dahli to cite there on 2017/7/28 injury to his foot after a sniper shot and his diabetes, his response to treatment was weak, resulting in his death that day.

His father Yahya al-Ahmad, 60 years old, told us: “When we came to Tabqa my parents came to Zakaria and Ahmad and said, ‘My father, we will confiscate your permission to go to the paper and participate in the liberation battles,’. I told them to go and return to me only when you are victorious”.

The father continued the pyramid and shed tears of sorrow on his child those tears that do not run down from the eyes of men unless the concerns and wounds exceeded the peaks of the mountains as he looks to the sky, addressing his son martyr: How I wish I was next to you today, a shahed fell defender of his country and honor and dignity.

The father concluded by saying: “I Do not shed tears, mourning on shahid, but because there are people from our Raqqa city sold themselves to the Baathist regime and the Dre AL-Furat terrorist to try to sow strife among the peoples of the region and try to destabilize the brotherhood of the peoples we achieved with the blood of our shahed, but their attempts failed because we are one people, Free pluralistic, decentralized democracy under the banner of brotherhood of peoples.

SDF,Media center

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