Circulars to preserve livestock

Self-management continues its active approach and democratic and liberal thinking by activating and empowering any body that contributes to achieving progress in an civilized manner. Likewise, it has established and implemented many bodies, not only on the humanitarian side but also in many aspects.

The economic committee in Tabqa seeks to maintain and develop the city’s economy in several ways, and has focused its attention on the agricultural and animal aspects, which are considered the fundamentals of the economy.

In a related context, many economic laws and circulars have been issued, as well as those who violate or act in a similar manner.

Ahmed Sulaiman, Joint Chairman of the Economic Committee, told us about the importance of livestock and ways to preserve it”We are working with all our efforts to raise the economic situation in the city and improve the living in it, and to preserve the most important economic sources such as livestock, we have, after coordination with the Health Committee issued several instructions and circulars all spend On the information to maintain the livestock and methods of breeding, and today we issue a circular to the violation of the sale of veterinary drugs and vaccines outside veterinary pharmacies, even those not allowed to use or contrary to the technical conditions, and not to practice the profession for those who do not have a certificate Agricultural and veterinary services, and the need for and licensing of all veterinary pharmacies in the city and its countryside.

Sulaiman pointed out that they have taken this step to maintain the number of livestock and others and to seek ways to increase them and reduce the irregularities or ignorance that leads in one way or another to endanger them.

SDF,Media center


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