Completion of the maintenance of the electricity network in the northern and western Tabqa countryside

Electricity has returned to the entire Tabqa  city and its countryside after the completion of the largest part of the maintenance work in the Euphrates dam and power distribution transformers in it.

However, a number of problems have arisen in electricity networks in the rural areas of Tabqa . Most of them are caused by the fact that the network is old and can no longer transmit electricity, and some of them have been damaged as a result of the events in the countryside during of liberation fom Daesh and those who stteal parts of power transformers  .

So, the “Together for AL-Jarnia” organization started a few days ago with a project to maintain and replace damaged cables and transformers in the electricity network.

Younis Mohamed El Mohandes, supervisor of the maintenance project of the electricity network, assured us that the goal of the project is to provide electricity to the people on a regular basis and to replace transformers that are unable to withstand the electricity intensity due to the increase in electricity consumption because of the urban development in the countryside and the increase in its population due to the stability of a large part of the displaced in the countryside .

Mohammed noted that the project includes several villages (West and East Ja’aber, large Swedish, Mahmudli, Budbash, Taraka, Mazraat Al Wafa and Ain Al Ward),and The main part of this service project was completed and we replaced the faulty lines, installed new transformers and repaired the partially damaged transformers, In a few days this project will be completed and electricity will be provided to all rural residents on a regular basis.

SDF,Media center


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