Cooperatives (cooperative societies) under democratic self-management

The cooperative system aims to meet the basic needs of the society on the basis of joint action and solidarity, not just material profit. The cooperatives create commercial projects according to the region’s protest and provide expertise and labor to eliminate the system of capitalism and monopoly and to combat unemployment which has spread due to the war.

Ahmed Al-Maish, Executive Director of co-operative in Al-Hasakah, told us about the cooperative societies. He said: The cooperatives are organizationally linked to the economy department. The work is related to the general public where projects are established according to the needs of the people and provide the necessary elements in the region, We seek to move the community towards joint action and contribute to all projects to increase production and eliminate unemployment.

The cooperative are divided into three sections:

Commercial cooperatives and is specialized in trade matters in general.

Industrial cooperatives  and is accused of industrial projects such as bakeries, factories and water purification plants.

And agricultural cooperatives which is  the most important because of the nature of the agricultural area where we manage the work of about 69 thousand acres distributed to the councils and the cominets and join the periodic meetings to monitor the work and receive the views of the people to solve the problems facing us and increase the proportion of production.

received the demand of all the people such as the draft poultry farms and the oven Arisha and generators and are currently working on the establishment of a station for the liquidation of water in the area of Arisha and adjacent areas.

Our main goal is not only to secure material profit, but also to engage the public with such projects and instill the spirit of cooperation to build an integrated homeland.

SDF, Media center


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