Director of Health in Hasakah city

Self-management continues to support institutions and service enterprises in order to secure the needs of citizens in all fields.

Where the directors of health in Hasaka all medical and health supplies from the establishment of dispensaries in all regions and campaigns for vaccines against communicable diseases and infectious.

Dr. Faris Yousef  Hamo, director of health in Hasakah, spoke about the work of the health directorate: “We are focusing our attention on preparing clinics in the Syrian north, especially the newly liberated areas of terrorism. We organized a vaccination campaign in Deir Ez-Zour and in AL-Arishah camp. We opened a new clinic in Al-Shadadi city and we are currently working on activating AL-Arisha clinic and Abadan dispensary and providing medical staff to start work.

 Hamo pointed out that the work plan includes the processing of the campaign of leishmaniasis vaccine in the clinics and the northern regions of Syria, and we have some difficulties in providing medicines and vaccines because of the control of terrorist factions on some of the main roads, and we are doing our best according to the existing possibilities to cover the other areas and health needs.

SDF,Media center


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