Directorate of Civil Registry in Tabqa

Almost a year after the liberation of Tabqa city and the establishment of the democratic civil administration of Tabqa , the establishment of official circles, including Record civilian to see the conditions of civilians, especially those who do not have personal evidence and solve many problems.

Adnan Al Hussein, the joint head of the Directorate of the people in Tabqa city, talked about the mechanism of work in the Directorate:The Directorate was established on 1/8/20178, consisting of the Joint Presidency, Diwan, Computer and Finance. The function of the Directorate is to provide services to citizens, give them identification cards, family cards, conduct marriage and divorce transactions, And the factors of birth, birth and death in Tabqa and the countryside that follow the layer such as Mansoura and Graniya and its countryside.

Al-Husain pointed out that they issued family cards for the displaced from the eastern countryside of  Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour in order to be able to move with all their leisure and personal cards in order to receive aid. As we submitted requests to the Interior Committee to ease the burden on the residents of Mansoura and Graniya,and  To dedicate a day to parents to help them obtain family cards and ID.

SDF,Media center


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