Education committee in Tabqa city

Education is one of the important sectors in the society because of its impact on the process of education and the advancement of society, after the establishment of Tabqa Civil Council of his committees, established a committee for education.

In this formulation, Hussain al-Haj, spokesman for the Education Committee in Tabqa, talked about the committee’s work since the liberation of the region from Daesh until today.

The committee was established on 1/8/2017. The committee carried out a lot of activities including registration of teachers and their classification according to the specialties of the schools. Initially, the number of schools reached 250 schools, 10,000 students and 250 teachers. Over time, a number of schools were opened. The number of schools 170 schools distributed among Tabqa  and its villages out of 250 qualified schools, fifty thousand students, and 1700 teachers, and we also worked several exhibitions and drawings and plays for children, and established a union of teachers to discuss the conditions of teachers and see their problems and resolve.

This work is a great achievement since the liberation after four years of ignorance and retardation during the reign Daesh and the absence of students from the school and there is a large turnout of students, and this year is a year of rehabilitation for students.

Initially, there was a mix of teachers, including high school and junior high school graduates, and currently 80% of teachers are university degree holders.

Of course, the Education Committee was subjected to many difficulties, including the systematic destruction of schools because of the wars, where the rehabilitation and maintenance of schools in full, and we will during the summer vacation courses for teachers to develop ways to give lessons and stand on the proposals of teachers on how to deal with students.

SDF, Media center

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