Great efforts by the Education Committee in Ain Issa town

With the end of the school year, the schools of Ain Issa and its countryside, which opened after seven years of absence because of the armed factions and militants who took over the area where most of the schools in the town were destroyed.

Despite the limited possibilities, however, the efforts were tremendous by the teachers and the Education Committee and the people.

Where Ajeel al-Idan, director of the educational complex in the town of Ain Issa, said that at the beginning of the academic year they faced some difficulties due to the small schools and the large number of students. After a short time, all problems were overcome. 150 schools out of 220 were rehabilitated, 600 teachers were trained through summer and special courses due to long-term school dropouts. The number of students reached 12,000 students.

Al-Idan added that there are no written examinations for students except through 3-point evaluation (understanding – analysis – ethics). With the adoption of the new system, the student’s response has become more than before. There are many activities within the study plan.

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