Handing over the works of artist Ghazi Al-Zaher to the shahed families office

Self-management continues with its constructive approach and its democratic and liberal thought in preserving the heritage of the region and taking care of its folklore and its folk and artists.

Under the patronage of Raqqa Civil Council, the work of the artist Ghazi Al-Zaher  was handed over by the Culture and Art Committee to the Office of shahid Families on the recommendation of shahid’s wife

The artist Ghazi al-Zaher  who works on making some of the sculptures. His body was found under the rubble of the building where he lived for about seven months. After communicating with his wife and family, his wife donated about 1,000 cutting carving to shahed’s families office.

Abdul Ghafour Khalaf, vice president of the Committee of Culture and Art said: we will complete some of the artist’s work as coloring and restoration of some fractions and we help the Office of shahid Families in everything related to the work, and that the artist’s work is cheap prices for its moral value, which is one of the most important left the artist to his country.

We appreciate the artist’s efforts and give him all the respect for these wonderful works. We will sell them in an auction and collect the amounts sold to the families of the martyrs or we will organize a special exhibition for the artist and the sale of sculptures through it, and we pledge that all amounts that come from these Sculptures will be provided to families of martyrs and to buy some supplies and offer them.

SDF,Media  center

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