Management of the wounded in the territory of Al-Jazzera

The management of the affairs of the wounded and their health care is a national and humanitarian duty. It is the one who sets the foundation for the freedom and democracy movement,The department of wounded affairs plays the role of a compassionate mother and provides all the necessary supplies and supervision of the treatment programs necessary for their recovery. The office manages all the wounded houses in the Island territory distributed to six areas.

Chyar Aslan, responsible for the management of the wounded in the territory AL-Jazeera said:

” We manage the role of the wounded spread on 6 squares in the territory AL-Jazeera (Dirik, Qamishli, Ras al-Ain, Shadadi, Al-Hol and Al-Hasakah in addition to Deir Al-Zour ), where the wounded are dispersed according to the squares they belong to.

We also take reports from the hospitals that treat the wounded with their names and their treatment program and we archive them to avoid the occurrence of complications and have doctors to be held accountable in the event of errors in the treatment.

We administer a physical therapy center where the wounded are sent for treatment. The physiotherapy center sends monthly reports on the condition of the wounded and their recovery. Regular visits are organized on the role of the wounded to see their situation and solve their problems directly.

The wounded with permanent disabilities are classified into a specialized place in the management of the disabled, in addition to organizing meetings with those responsible for the role.

Aslan said at the end of the recent that standing to the wounded until they recover from our priorities and support materially and morally of our duties, they sacrificed themselves for the noble goal of the expulsion of terrorism in all its forms and colors from our regions.

SDF, Media center

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