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Opening of the Municipality of people in Umm Hajira in Hasakah countryside

In order to meet the needs of people and to identify their problems, self-administration in Al-Hasakah opened a municipality for the people in Um Hajira district, in celebration of the presence of  people and representatives of civil institutions in the region.

The celebration began with a minute of silence on the souls of shahid.

Samar Al-Abdullah, a spokeswoman for Al-Hasakah province,welcomed the Presences and said:

 On behalf of AL-Hasakah province we blessed opening the municipality people in Umm Hajira and we hope that the Municipality will provide all the services to the people and contribute to solving the service problems. The interest of the citizen and his service is one of our priorities. We wish the brotherhood citizens to cooperate with their new municipality to achieve together our goals and solve all the problems we face.

The ceremony included a speech on behalf of Municipalities Council of  AL-Jazeera province delivered by Qahtan al-Musallat, where he welcomed the guests and said: We congratulate the people of the village of Umm Hajira to open the municipality and ask them to work together to ensure the functioning of the municipality to the fullest.

Both Mahmoud Al Salem and Ibrahim Ibrahim the joint presidency of the Municipality pledged to do their duty to serve the region and thanked the existing institutions and the people for attending the opening ceremony of the municipality opening.

At the end of the ceremony Jamila Salem, the mother of shahed Bashir Al Sultan cut the opening tape.


SDF,Media center

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