Opening of the national hospital in Tabqa  city

After efforts made for more than three months of maintenance work in the building of the national hospital in Tabqa for rehabilitation and restoration and reopening it to serve the citizens.

The Democratic Civil Administration in Tabqa opened today the national hospital  in  the presence of a number of members of the Civil Council and a number of doctors.

The opening began with a minute of silence in memory of shahid souls.

Then, Nurse Ibrahim, member of the Joint Presidency of the Health Committee, delivered the opening speech on behalf of Tabqa Civil Administration  where the attendees thanked all those who contributed to the rehabilitation of the hospital and confirmed that this hospital will open its doors to all the people of this city and will provide all medical services to those who need it

Ibrahim said that in the next few days, the hospital will be equipped with all the necessary medical equipment for all its departments. The hospital will be integrated in the departments. It will include many specialties such as intensive care, neurology, ophthalmology, kidneys, internal medicine, pediatric medicine and women’s section.

Then the mother of one of shahid  of Tabqa city cut the tapestry and the opening of the hospital, and the audience toured the sections of the hospital.

It is worth mentioning that this hospital was taken by terrorists as a military barracks before the liberation of the city, which offered the place to a lot of vandalism, destruction and theft of the contents of the hospital, especially medical and surgical devices and transfer to another place and damage.

SDF,Media center


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