Opening of the youth council at AL- Tabqa

the youth council was opened today in Tabqa to serve as a platform for organizing, developing and directing the energies of youth. The opening was attended by a number of members of Tabqa civil council and many of the city’s residents.

The opening began with a minute of silence in commemoration of shahed’s lives. Then Shyar Mohammed delivered the opening speech on behalf of the democratic civil managmeny of Tabqa regione,and blessed the youth openening their council and saluted the spirit of the youth resisting and fighting for the freedom of this country. He stressed that youth are the only ones capable of building and rebuilding this country  and building a bright future for him.

Manal Mousa delivered the speech of youth thanked all the attendees for their participation in the youth on this day and stressed that the youth will exert all their energies for the development of this society and its progress. She said that this place will be the starting point for directing youth energies and putting them in their rightful place. To lead, defend and protect society, and to support the resistance of the Afrin youth in their struggle against the brutal Turkish occupier.

Then a group of young women presented a stage play that simulated the evolution of the concept of women’s freedom in society and the lifting of their freedom after years of injustice in the past.

Finally, the mother of one shahed cut the ribbon and opened the Youth Council.


SDF,Media center

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