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Opening the Foundation of shahid  families in Tabqa city

In a public and official presence of the military, civilians and politicians, opened today in Tabqa city the institution of shahid families in order to identify the requirements of their families and help them as much as possible.

The opening began with a minute of silence for the souls of shahid.

Then Amina Abdul Razzaq delivered a speech on behalf of the Foundation, in which shahid of dignity were honored by the opening of this edifice which will meet the requirements of shahid’s family and  provide all that they need.

After that, Omid Ghbar delivered a speech on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Forces congratulating the founders of the institution on the opening of their institution the Foundation of families shahid  and promised shahid to walk on their path, which they walked  on the dignity road.

And then Arif Bali from Shahid Foundation families in the north of Syria, mercy on shahid  and bless the opening and said ” today is the opening of this great edifice institution of shahid and we will give all support to this institution”.

Shamsa Al-Saleh from the foundation of Raqqa shahid families thanked the employees of the opening of the Foundation and its sponsors and she said: ”we are with you in one trench, mercy to our shahid of freedom who sacrificed their lives in order to live in freedom and peace, mercy for our shahid and freedom for our detainees and the speedy recovery of wounds”.

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