Our Forces aim to secure the Syrian-Iraqi border

Our forces in the Deir al-Azur military council, which is part of Syria’s Democratic Forces, is determined to complete the Jazeera Storm campaign to destroy ISIS on behalf of the Syrian people and the world. ISIS retains a significant presence near the Iraqi borders from which it seeks to retain safe haven to plan attacks around the world and expand its territory in Syria and Iraq. Attacks from these areas have been increasing in recent weeks as ISIS has sought to reorganize and refit.

We hereby declare these remaining ISIS areas will be liberated and ISIS terrorists will be purged from our land. We have rearranged our ranks according to the requirements of the battle and announce to the public that our forces with the participation of the international coalition forces have begun the final phase of the Jazeera storm campaign. Over the coming weeks, our heroic forces will liberate these areas, secure the Iraq-Syria border, and end the presence of ISIS in eastern Syria once and for all. We welcome the support of the Iraqi forces across the border and our partners in the international alliance.

These operations will be conducted with a view to the longer term objective of building a new and democratic Syria, free of terrorists, with its territorial integrity intact, and the participation of all Syrian components including the Arabs, Kurds, Syriac Christians, Turkmen heroes of the SDF – in the political process as outlined in UNSCR 2254.

Glory and eternity to our heroes.

Shame on all terrorists.

Der Al-Zur Military Council
May 1st, 2018

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