People Municipality in Tabqa… year of achievements

The municipalities considered the basic core in society , because it stands on the conditions of citizens and the conduct of their affairs ,as well as to solve the service matters such as sanitation, drinking water and markets, and to be the advancement and advancement of society.

After the liberation of Tabqa city from mercenaries promoted by SDF, the Civil Council worked to establish the people municipality in the city. Mohammed Al-Khalaf, head of the local administration committee and municipalities, told us about the work they have done since the establishment of the municipality To today, saying:

People Municipality in Tabqa established directly after the liberate it , then we removed the dirt barriers from the streets of the city and its surroundings, and prepared drinking water to all parts of the city and its countryside after repairing the damage caused by the war, we repaired the water pumps for agriculture, and one of the members of the municipality lost his life during his work with a mine explosion at the village station. We repaired the sewage in the city by 90%. We are currently maintaining the sewage line of the second neighborhood after several complaints from citizens.

We set up a number of offices in the municipality, including the health, police and relations office, and the protection and fuel committee. We rehabilitated the polyman Garage, established the directorate of transport, seized the markets and opened the slaughterhouse.

We have also established several municipalities for the people in the villages that surround Tabqa (Al-Garniya, Mansoura, Safsafa, Kadiran, Sweden),where the number of employees in the municipality of the people of nearly 800 employees, and secured employment opportunities for many young people with expertise and competencies

SDF, Media center

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