Preparing for oppenning of the first gaurden in Shaddadi

Al-Shaddadi work is escalating from all sides to eliminate the negative effects of terrorism. The first park in the city is being prepared for the last stages.

To learn more about the park, the joint president of the People’s Municipality Hadya Elias, talked: “The purpose of the garden project in Al-Shaddadi is to make it a place for hiking and entertainment for the people and their children. The park will provide some amusement parks and games for the children, And a special beauty and elegance as the park is located at the city entrance .

Mahmoud al-Jumaa, director of the environment committee of Al-Shaddadi municipality, told us that work is under way to open the park in the next few days

The garden was fully lit and we planted some tree species, such as forest and shade trees, as well as the juri and natural grass that will cover the floor later. A shallow well was dug and a water fountain was built in the middle of the garden.

It is worth mentioning that many institutions have contributed to the establishment of this park, and if we exclude the municipality being the project’s executor, there is the civil council, the trade and industry council, the foundation of shahid’ families and other institutions.


SDF, Media center

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