Psychological guidance course for teachers lecturers in Tabqa city  

After the end of the school year successfully, the Education Committee organizes courses for teachers lecturers to give them lessons on teaching methods and education and the nature of the response to students.

In this context, Dr. Issa Haj Qasem, a psychologist, explained the nature of the course: In cooperation with the Education Committee, we gave teachers lectures to open up as many teachers as possible to teach students. The duration of the course is 10 days. It is a self-help course for teaching teachers and how to communicate information to teachers and how teachers communicate information to students.

The number of teachers trained on the first day was 80 teachers, and the number is increasing and the response to teachers was few and because of the fact that they were not in the past to do counseling and psychological guidance and with the passage of days will be better response.

Ali Al-Khalaf, member of the Education Committee and a lecturer in the course said: The aim of this course is to investigate and apply the previous information, and to benefit from the available expertise within the educational scope, and to focus on some of the problems we face in schools after the students are out of school for four years .

The purpose of the course is to prepare and qualify in order to be able to be at the required level as lecturers in the courses that will be held in the coming days, which will focus on the preparation and rehabilitation of the teachers.

SDF,Media center


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