Quba School in Ain Issa Camp

Raqqa Civil Council, in coordination with the Department of Ain Issa Camp, opened the Quba School for students who have been out of school for 6 years of the arrivals to the camp. However, despite the limited possibilities, they cover the education of half of the camp’s children.

Ali al-Hassan, the director of the camp school of Raqqa Civil Council that the school is working on the system of the two and receive about 500 students from the first class to the fifth class, and that the educational process is moving quickly and successfully and there is a large turnout of parents to send their children to school after the absence of more than Six years to compensate for what they lost during the control of Daesh terrorist calling on their regions and fight against education and the dissemination of ignorance of children in particular.

AL-Hassan added: We also give students recreational classes and non-classroom activities such as games, drawing, music and the end of the school year, And the approaching examinations are subjected to intensive classes to compensate them for what they missed because they came from their regions since modern times and did not attend since the beginning of the academic year.

SDF, Media center

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