Reconstruction Committee in Raqqa Civil Council hope for a better tomorrow

In the context of the work of the Reconstruction Committee in Raqqa Civil Council, the Committee continues to make great efforts in this regard from cleaning the streets and rehabilitating the facilities and schools in the city, all of which is accompanied by lack of material liquidity and lack of supplies and vehicles.

In response to the latest developments by the Reconstruction Committee, we met with the Vice-Chairman of the Reconstruction Committee at the Civil Council, Abdullah Al-Arian. We held a dialogue on the committee’s work and the difficulties it faced.

 He said: “We are in the reconstruction committee. When we started the campaign and liberated the city, we realized that a destructive city was waiting for us in all respects, we started by forming a cadre of work, and then we started studies of the damage and the cost of the destruction and its cost, and we started work especially after there was little support from the international side. After the Rome Conference.

In the same context, Abdullah Al-Arian noted the issue of sanitation and water, saying: Today we held a meeting with the supporting bodies and the project is about sewage and irrigation channels and cleaning, because of the dirt and plants and suspended aggregates will increase the salinity of the earth, which will lead to soil corruption significantly so we will accelerate the cleaning and of course we want to We refer to the point that yesterday we started a project to clean the sewage pipes and repair the water networks and according to the studies and work plan, by the eleventh month of this year we will have finished this file and finished it.

At the end of his speech, Al-Arian appealed to the supporting parties to exert more effort in the support process. He said: “Our efforts are great and there is no slack in our work, but our problem, as mentioned earlier, is the lack of liquidity and mechanisms. And of course we all promise that we will not underestimate our responsibilities towards our people and will work with all conscience, sincerity and effort.

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