Rehabilitation of amusement park in Raqqa

Daesh who deprived the children of Raqqa of their rights and enter into their innocent minds the methods of killing and slaughter after being removed from the life of entertainment, games and amusement parks, and put them in the maze of crimes committed by the bloodshed.

Today, the city’s amusement park is being cleaned and gradually rehabilitated by its original owners and under the supervision of the People’s Municipality in Raqqa, after Daesh stole the games and devices that were inside them and emptied them before leaving the city. His goal was to deprive the children of Raqqa of their most basic rights which is Freedom and Entertainment.

Ahmed Ibrahim, a member of the joint presidency of the People’s Assembly in the province of Raqqa, said: “For amusement park is a park belonging to the people’s municipality in Raqqa, but we learned that there is an investor is working on the rehabilitation, and the holding of investment is still open and if not completed its work, And we will not stop working to rehabilitate the amusement parks and re-work again and will do our best to entertain our children who were under the darkness of Daesh, and today they went out of this nightmare to their natural life colored.

SDF,Media center


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