Shahid Families Foundation visits the families of Shahid in their homes

The martyrs are those who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom and liberate the land and purge it of the abomination of the aggressors, and we have to continue the path they went through and to take care of their families and help them.

From this point of view, the Foundation of  Shahid  family in Tabqa  visits the families of Shahid in their homes to see their conditions close.

Nisreen Abdel Aziz, a member of Shahid Families Foundation, said that the Foundation formed a committee to visit the families of the martyrs in Tabqa  and its countryside. The number of families of the martyrs in the class and its countryside is 170 families,

Abdul Aziz pointed out that the purpose of the visits is to know the conditions of the families of the martyrs and to organize their names and counting their numbers to know their needs and to stand by their side and to facilitate their communication with the institution and to provide material and moral support for them. To the families of martyrs where they have a preference in the functions that are available in the areas of democratic civil administration of Tabqa city.

In conclusion, Abdul Aziz said: We will follow the line of our martyrs and we will not forget them will remain alive in our hearts and we will provide more support to the families of martyrs as soon as possible.

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