Shahid Sarhad Military Hospital in Shaddadi

shahid Sarhad Military Hospital in Shadadi City is the first hospital established in this city. It was called this name because shahed  Serhad presented many sacrifices in the liberation campaign of Shadadi before he died there.

The hospital has received hundreds of military casualties from different fronts over the past two years, and treatment and health care have been provided to them until their recovery.

Fadi Ahmed, director of the hospital, assured us that the hospital is equipped with all medical equipment. The hospital includes a pharmacy that contains all kinds of medicines, in addition to ambulatory rooms, patients’ rooms and an imaging room equipped with a planning apparatus.

Khalid Mohammed, spoke about the hospital’s shortcomings. He said: What is missing is the operating room and laboratory, and this shortage is due to the lack of specialized medical staff. In case of injuries requiring surgical intervention, the injured person is transferred through our ambulances to Shahid Sarya Hospital in Al-Hasakha. Perform all aids to ensure that the patient does not suffer complications that may lead to his death.

It should be noted that the hospital was receiving civilian patients before the opening of the clinic Shaddadi.

SDF,Media center


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