Shahid Seyamand Academy opens its fifth course of military discipline

Shahid Seyamand Academy opened the fifth course of military discipline, carrying the name of Shahid Firas Kubani. The course included 30 fighters from all regions of the Syrian north. The course will last for 45 days, during which the volunteers will receive intellectual lessons, political lectures and military training.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs followed by a military parade by the fighters in the presence of leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Firas Mousa, who is in charge of training and lessons at the academy, gave Part of a speech to the fighters who wished to be successful in their course and will be the main front in the organization of the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The ceremony ended with the military section following the footsteps of the martyrs and protecting and defending civilians.

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